Saturday, January 22, 2011

vaccine wins of late

Andrew Wakefield's been disgraced (at least, he would be, if he had any sense of ethics or morals), and the house of cards the anti-vax community has built is coming apart at the seems.

It was clearly all about the money for Wakefield, but he lucked out when the enabling media and gullible scared parents came to his defense. Maybe now that his fraud is exposed, he'll lose some of the faithful. We can only hope.

Salon finally pulled a dangerous anti-vax article from their archives, and published a rundown behind the panic.

Elyse kicks ass and coins a new term: God Damned Mother Fucking Liar (TM)

Wait, parents who willfully put their children and everyone else at risk by refusing to vaccinate because of religion, conspiracy theory or scientific ignorance should pay more for health insurance? Great suggestion!!

Also, great site: Immunize for Good. Yes, good.

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