Sunday, January 23, 2011

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From Feministing: Happy MLK Day.

From Skepchick: Open letter to a teenage misfit.

Oprah's doing evil again. She gave Mehmet Oz his own show, on which Oz promotes the dangerous quack Joseph Mercola. Bad, bad, bad. From David Gorski, from Steven Novella, and from James Randi.
From me:
Mercola: medicine is bad; just take these unproven vitamins for your cancer
Oz: that seems reasonable; after all, you have a website -you must be for realz! also, and my wife's a reiki master so I have credibility
Oprah: here, assholes, have a show on which to spread dangerous bullshit! You get a show! And YOU get a show! Everybody gets a show!

Also, check out the Cynic's Guide to the Oprah Winfrey Network. Blerf, a whole network of awful. So much blerf.

Interesting, moving, and sad. The Poe Toaster is a no-show again... :(

Chaucer and a brief history of the word "cunt": Chaucer's Cunt. I like that cunt can mean a "clever or curious device or ornament." FTW.

Math is pretty? What? Yup.

Concerned about overpopulation? Grist gotchu.

James Randi wishes the FTC and FDA weren't such a bunch of frilly pansies, especially when it comes to internet scams.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is god. Kneel before Neil!!

Birth control does NOT cause weight gain. I've read this before, but the propaganda continues unabated because society sees women as petty and hopes to dissuade them from protecting themselves and committing the sin of family planning by fat-shaming them. Birth control lies are often spread by the anti-woman anti-choice crowd and I suspect this myth is no different. Anecdotes are not data, people, and you can't make popular assumptions without ASS.

Finally, GADS of great information and answers to frequently asked questions about childhood vaccinations, and vaccinations in general, at Immunize for Good.

In metal news: metal cephalopod.
In cute news: kittehs driftin'.

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