Monday, April 1, 2013

Lent, 2013

Once again, 'tis come: the most wonderful time of the year. As nothing says you care like hypocrisy, and nothing says disrespect like mockery...
Granted, this year I wasn't as strict in the off-season as I would otherwise have been -but fuck you, my mom died (and sometimes nothing but a burger will ease one's grief). My plan is to go full glutton for the next 40-odd days, and then get back on the wagon come Easter. Maybe next year, I'll go full vegan.

2013's catalog of carnage commences as contained within...
- 2/13 Wegmans Ready-to-Cook Specialty Bacon Cheddar Burger
- 2/14 (Valentime's Day!) Agatina's Filet Oscar (two 4oz filet medallions with fresh mushrooms and  asparagus, sautéed with Cognac sauce, topped with lump crab and Bearnaise sauce)
- 2/15 Rookie's burger
- 2/17 Cuban sandwich at Bathtub Billy's
- 2/19 Bacon & Bleu Sirloin at Friday's
- 2/20 all-you-can-eat wings at Martino's (I ate 24; Plumber Joe ate 20; Wayne-o and Donno each ate 18; Andy ate 12 -that's 92, total, in case you're wondering)
- 2/22 Rookie's loaded potato skins (that means onions, AND bacon)
- 2/23 Rookie's roast beef panini
- 3/02 Wegmans' roast beef sub, with pickles, provolone, honey mustard, lettuce, and onions
- 3/02 Famous Dave's Ultimate BBQ Burger, but with regular bacon and pickles instead of the scary pepper kind, and with onions instead of tomatoes, and a side of potato salad
- 3/06 Beef tenderloin carpaccio with capers, red onion, white truffle oil, micro greens & a crispy parmesan “tuile” at  Black & Blue Steak and Crab
- 3/07 Bill Gray's burger plate, which is seriously pretty much a Garbage Plate™ on a bun. So, cheeseburger, mac salad, and french fries, plus I added mustard, ketchup, onions, and pickles.
- 3/08 Hot dog (loaded with onions, ketchup, mustard), french fries, and pickles, at  Wimpy's Burger Basket.
- 3/08 Rookie's beef on weck -which, I just learned, is a western New York "delicacy", much like salt potatoes, garage plates, and Buffalo wings...
- 3/13 Monty's Krown's Yeti Burger: bacon grilled cheese sandwich buns surrounding a cheeseburger, with egg. Also, there were fries.
- 3/16 Rizzi's filet mignon (served wrapped in bacon, with sauteed mushroom caps, and accompanied with bernaise sauce), with steamed vegetables, and (cauliflower, white cabbage, sour cream, and bacon) mashed potatoes
- 3/20 Another Yeti burger -it was Ostara, after all, and eggs are one of the key foods for the sabbat!
- 3/23 Sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from Subway, with provalone, cucumbers, dill pickles, lettuce, red onion, and, of course, sweet onion sauce
- 3/27 Jitters' Carolina Pork BBQ sandwich (pulled pork, Jitters' BBQ sauce, provolone cheese, and coleslaw grilled on ciabatta bread)
- 3/30 Red Lobster's Maine Lobster & Shrimp Trio (wood-grilled Maine lobster tail, garlic-grilled shrimp, and lobster-and-shrimp mac 'n' cheese with a white Cheddar and bacon sauce, topped with Parmesan crumbs. Served with wild rice pilaf.
- 3/31 Wegmans' raw sushi Kyoto-esque platter

And that'll do it. Probably, I've put on ten pounds with all this flesh in my diet. Nothing fits right. I'm tired all the time. I might be having tiny heart attacks all day, every day. Until next year, kids... ALL YOUR VEGGIE ARE BELONG TO ME!!!