Friday, January 21, 2011

it's the dawning of the age of ...nonsense

OMG-have-you-heard?! The zodiac is all new and different and you might be married to the wrong person!! Really!! No, not really. Astrology, as always, is bull. You'd be more affected by the gravitational pull of the sun or the moon or the doctor or your MOM when you're born than by a random grouping of stars millions of light-years away. But that doesn't stop people from reading their vague horrorscopes and staking their relationships on supposed astrological compatibility. Sigh.

The earth wobbles over time, and we've been aligning the wrong signs with dates for quite some time. The zodiac has always really had more than twelve signs, anyway. But now that the media has caught on, it's NEWS!!! Granted, they got their scoop from an actual scientist, Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, but they're still all worked up about woononsense...
Speaking of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, they link to the original article in regards to the news reports, and also to (holy haleakala) Phil Plait!!! Weee!!!

Phil Plait gives a rundown; Neil deGrasse Tyson rants a bit about Ophiuchus; Rebecca Watson says OMG re: astrology, you guys!!; from the SGU blog; from Ben Radford on the inherent racism of astrology, besides

Also, an article from ABC News including the "new" signs. GASP!! I'm a Libra now!! Oh noez!! What's it mean?! Oh. Right. Nothing. Other than an awkward hanging of my Scorpius Yule tree ornament next year...

Much ado about hooey.
That is all.

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