Friday, December 4, 2009

Whew! Marriage is safe, for now.

Since we all know how damaging it would be if consenting homosexual couples were allowed to get teh married, it's kind of a relief that the NYS Senate voted to NOT extend equal marriage rights to teh gays -by 38-24, no less, meaning that not only did ALL the Republicans vote against the bill (including my state senator, George D. Maziarz) but some Democrats, too. Oh wait, except that it's not. It's actually stupid and awful and shameful.

Seriously. Shame, shame, shame on you, NYS. FSM-forbid consenting adults all be given the same rights and protections. And no, "civil unions" aren't the same. I'm not going to get into the whole marriage-is-a-religious-institution b.s. (because if anyone wants a good example of how it's totally not, well, haaaaaaaaave you met me?!), but if straight folk get it, then so should gay folk. If you make marriage a religious thing only, and everyone else gets secularly civil unioned, then fine. We'll get un-married and will get civil union'ed. That's cool. But if it's a matter of different terms based on the gender of the person you love or denying equality all together, then no, that's not okay.

Blah, blah, blah "sanctity of marriage" blah, blah, blah "fragile children being taught teh gay" blah, blah, blah "Adam & Eve"... Yeah, shut up. I'll see your marriage myths and I will bust the fuck out of them.

Interestingly, Senator Maziarz sent out a special health bulletin to his constituents regarding H1N1, which I received yesterday. That's great and fine and good, the information is valid and accurate as far as I can tell, and it's good to get the word out to his constituents about this. The irony (that's irony, right?) in it is that he showed clearly on Tuesday that he really only cares about the well-being of SOME of his constituents. Namely, the straightees. Harrumph.

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