Wednesday, December 16, 2009

why I do not give to the United Way

...because charity is supposed to be private and personal
...because charity should never been mandatory or compelled or bribed
...because I would prefer to donate to the organizations directly rather than go through a giant umbrella organization -that way I'm sure that my money is going where I want it to
...because, while the United Way undoubtedly does a great deal of good, and while it certainly meets the Better Business Bureau's Standards for Charity Accountability, I have a hard time supporting a charitable organization whose President and CEO makes $973,535 a year

And if anyone's curious as to why I do not give to the Salvation Army and why I avoid establishments in front of which they are allowed to panhandle, look no further than their stance on homosexuality -not to mention the fact that they are, you know, ridiculously faith-based.


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