Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trust women.

Leaving aside for the moment my personal feelings about IVF and the fact that I never really thought about this as an issue although of course it is, I want to share this blog post about women who choose to go through IVF and then for one reason or another choose to abort the outcome of that IVF: IVF and then Abortion

Trust women? Are you kidding? What a novel fucking idea. Act like women are separate independent entities with their own brains and thoughts and opinions, capable of making educated choices? WHAT? Now that's just crazytalk!

Sarcasm aside... DUH. Trust women. We're not stupid assholes. Individually, maybe on occasion, but on the whole not. And I couldn't have said it any better than Ms. Marcotte, and so I shamelessly co-opt her blog post instead of creating something moderately intelligent on my own. Because, you know, I'm not capable of independent thought.

And now I have "Just A Girl" stuck in my head.

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