Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's corn crap on the radiator!! We're all going to die!!!

Well, we ARE all going to die. Eventually. Some people will die in 2012. Some people will even die on 12/21/12. But a global or galactic apocalypse or catastrophe or consciousness-changing? No. And I should know. I took a course called "Ancient Languages and the 2012 Prophecies."

But don't believe me. Read it for yourself:
* Information right from NASA.
* NY Times article: Doomsday? Yes. In 2012? No. "If you want to worry, most scientists say, you should think about global climate change, rogue asteroids or nuclear war." Bazinga.
* Fact vs. Fiction picked up at the Strasenburgh Planetarium on 11/14/2009.
* Chart for Believers vs. Skeptics.
* Skeptic's Guide to the Universe H1N1 special report.
* TVsquad review of a SyFy program about 2012 -as usual, more Fy than Sy, plus Richard Hoagland, who is a whole different bundle of crazy. Point: "If the Mayans were so adept at looking centuries into the future to predict the end of the world, why weren't they clairvoyant enough to foresee the end of their long-extinct civilization and prevent its collapse?"
* If you believe, experts say you're off base.
* What actual Mayans are saying about 2012.
* Heck, even Foreign Policy gets in on the act.
* And of course we can always rely on the ever-accurate Has the Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?

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