Tuesday, October 28, 2008

she is a rubber suit stuffed with different parts of dead animals (UPDATED)

What can I say about Sarah Palin? Soooooo much, actually. In fact, I'm pretty much not allowed out in public for fear that I might just start wringing necks and cracking heads. I snuck out on Sunday while Andy was off winning a plaque and stickers in the Corvette and went to a Sarah Palin Does Not Speak for Me photo campaign, but most of all I just shake my head and rock back and forth a lot.

Instead of rambling on and on about how much I disagree with John McCain's platform, and how much of a monster Sarah Palin is, I thought I'd just point to a couple of particularly good things I've read lately (surely more will be added over time) and hope that you take comfort from the smart that's still out there... somewhere... on this pale blue dot...

Sarah Palin's Shotgun Politics, The Nation


Alaska's biggest political rally

Point/Counterpoint, The Onion

Also, for more humor: some strongly worded sarcasm from The Beast.

Sarah Palin is a strong, successful woman. She is an example of how women can rise to the top, certainly. But her womanhood and her motherhood are the last reasons that you should vote for her. If you agree with her, if you really think that the earth is only 6000 years old and that personal medical decisions are the business of everyone except for you and that children who receive so-called abstinence only "sex education" won't have sex before marriage and that your gay friends can totally "fix" themselves through prayer and if you hate polar bears, then by all means vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

However, if you think that science is kind of neat and you think it's important to recognize that cavemen and dinosaurs did not exist concurrently and if you like deciding for yourself whether and when you have children and if you're kind of partial to a variety of books in your library and if you think that vindictive inexperienced "irresponsible and flat-out dangerous leadership" is not exactly what we should have for America, then you know what to do.

And actually, it's even simpler than that: cast your vote for the candidate whose vice presidential pick can correctly pronounce the word "nuclear."

More sources:
added 9/27/08
Beauty and the Beast, by Joann Wypijewski
Lipstick on a Wing Nut, by Katha Pollitt

added 9/30/08
Palin Problem, byy Kathleen Parker
Palin Is Ready? Please., by Fareed Zakaria
And something a little more lighthearted: Let Me Get This Straight (sarcastic internet comparison, no sources listed)

added 10/03/08
Check it out: Google 2001. Search the Google archives from 2001 and see if you had an internet presence at the beginning of the century! Me, all I have is Charger Bulletin stuff and when I click on the link, the pages have been deleted from the UNH site. Guess who else has no internet presence in 2001? Sarah Palin. To be fair, though, "hockey mom" gets a bunch of hits, but "pitbull with lipstick" gets only one.
When Sisterhood Is Suicide and Other Late Night Thoughts by Robin Morgan (long, but worth the read)

added 10/07/08
Actually about McCain, but the point is the same: Make-Believe Maverick, by Tim Dickinson
Sarah’s Pompom Palaver, by Maureen Dowd
The choice is clear. Vote Bigfoot/Nessie in '08!!

added 10/08/08
summary of debates so far
all together now!!
Nice Peter's Ode to Sarah Palin

added 10/13/08
Lynda Carter says Palin is the anti-Wonder Woman

added 10/15/08
Gina Gershon is HOT!
Palin as President (point and click)

added 10/20/08
Why Sarah Palin is Bad for American Women

added 10/22/08
What’s the difference between Sarah Palin's mouth and her vagina? ...Only some of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.

added 10/23/08
Palin is “Hardcore Pro-Life” (duh, but this is very well written, especially the part about Palin and Dobson being raging fucking hypocrites)

added 10/28/08
Sarah Palin's War on Science, by Christopher Hitchens

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