Friday, April 1, 2011

this week in information (4/01)

I hate April Fool's Day, so none of this is a joke.

Important Perspective: Radiation Dosage Chart from Information is Beautiful

Along with the triangle choke (which is cool) and the Bermuda Triangle (which is dumb), there is another triangle about which you should know: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. Friday (3/25) was the 100th anniversary of this tragedy, which set the stage for improvements in workers' rights, labor conditions and safety standards.
Let's not dishonor the victims by going backward, eh? I'm TALKING TO YOU, WISCONSIN!!!

I didn't participate in Earth Hour last week, but these pictures are really interesting and startling.

Nerdilicious epic battle: Einstein vs. Hawking Aaaaand I went to high school with that kid. Good to see somebody made it.

OMGyouguys!! The escaped cobra from the Bronx Zoo is totally on Twitter!!! Srsly, that is some brilliance. Oh, and I would totally watch an Animal Planet special about her, April Fool's or not. Update: she snuck back into the Reptile House and they think she was there all along. Clever girl...

Pretty: the aurora
Starkly pretty: South Dakota

My new favorite picture, if anyone's curious: me and other me, huggin' at derby, N-E-R-D-Y are we...

Let's end with some damn funny cats.

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