Thursday, February 3, 2011

this week in information (2/03)

We are kicking the ozone layer's ASS, you guys! Good work! Keep it up, with your aerosols and your CO-spewing rollover vehicles and whatnot. Woo-ho... Oh, wait. That's not right.

Why Kermit is a butcher and not a doctor, and why this case is actually an argument FOR safe, legal abortion (because if abortion is made illegal, more abortion facilities would be like this one as all would be unregulated and women's lives would be in more danger than ever -although that's never really the concern of the religious right because all they seem to care about is the pre-birth fetus...)
PZ Myers, as usual, really gets it. Even if he is a MAN (and I'm a walking talking bad girl cliche).

What's he harm in astrology? Often not too much, but some. And it's all blather anyway as (again) Information is Beautiful makes clear. So stop freaking panicking about it.

Aaaaaand, Phil Plait on the good idea that is charging higher insurance premiums to the anti-vaxxers.

Carl Sagan kicks woo's ass! And then eats apple pie. After first creating the universe.

That'll do it for the week, I suppose. I'm out for a while. Catch you 'round.

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