Monday, April 6, 2009

things of which I am enamored

- Nudibranchs
- clownfish
Humorous Pictures

- The Large Hadron Collider
- The leafy sea dragon
- The blind cave salamander, the Proteus anguinus
- What's better than a spider or a scorpion? A scorpion that is like a spider: Vinegaroons!
- Bats. Just in general, but specifically the adorable Myzopoda, the awesome-faced leaf-nosed bat and the horseshoe bat.
- Birds of Paradise, especially the Superb Bird of Paradise, the Western Parotia, Victoria's Riflebird (despite its unfortunate stoner name), and the one that does the moonwalk.
- SHARKS!! Particularly the Goblin Shark, because holy crap! Have you seen that thing?!
- the Fascinating Mexican Axolotl. Dude, he's smiling!
- the badass-looking Rhinoceros Beetle
- the Thorny Devil. 'Cause it's got "horny" and "devil" in its name. Oh, and it's awesome.
- ME.
- Lolcats, of course.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

(more will be added to this list as more occur to me, of course)

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