Monday, September 29, 2008

Wait, I DO want a child!

Not just any child, mind you. A ghost child. I was watching a recent episode of “Ghost Hunters” (a guilty pleasure if ever there was one), and they were supposedly interacting with the ghost of a nine-year-old boy who was killed while working in a mill in the 1800’s. He likes to play games and tricks on people and is lonely (so they said). One of the ghost hunters invited the boy to come home with him because he already had a bunch of kids and there was plenty of fun to be had, etc., and it got me thinking. How awesome would it be to have a ghost child? I mean, you don’t have to feed it or take it to the doctor or get a babysitter for it, you always have someone to guard your house when you’re gone, you can strike a deal where you let him ‘live’ there and he doesn’t mess with you, but can mess with friends who come over... I mean, we’ve got plenty of toys for when my sister-in-law’s kids come over, he could play all the time! And if I have to watch The Muppet Show once in a while, that’s really no sacrifice.

So yeah, I’ve decided, if I ever do come to regret my decision and find that I want a child of my very own, Ghost Boy it is!

...That said, I have really got to stop watching Ghost Hunters. Somebody save me from myself!

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